Monday, October 22, 2012

Victor Valdes and The Quartet

image credit: Veronica Ng has worked painstakingly hard to build a reputation for reviewing music festivals. Yes, its fun to run around attending all the music festivals in the region and enjoying new experiences and making new friends etc, but it is also hard work.
We religiously attend every rehearsal, every briefing, every press conference, every photo opportunity, every workshop, and we are famous for our behind the scenes “insider” articles recording the build-up of the festival from inception to ground zero to its full blown glory.

What’s the above introduction got to do with Victor Valdes? Well, in our experience, most musicians would like to do the least amount of work (read rehearsals, briefings, press conferences, photo opportunities, workshops etc) while enjoying the many perks that come with being a music superstar.

Not so Victor Valdes and The Quartet featuring Ivan Vivas, Luis Love and Alejandro Miranda. These guys were not only there for each and every sound check and rehearsal, they actually dressed up for the press conference and photo opportunity and workshop; they also performed for free in aid of the SSPCA’s animal shelter fund. These guys are the epitome of how far a band can go if they are professional, disciplined, committed and have a passion for their craft. They deserve a big round of applause for being a hard working yet humble and down to earth bunch of guys.
Victor Valdes has performed in over 25 countries in 4 continents, providing a unique journey into folk and contemporary music of Mexico. This is infectious music that reaches your soul and makes you smile, and Victor has brought his powerful and passionate voice and the infectious sound of the Mexican harp to royalty like Queen Elizabeth II, and the King and Queen of Spain, as well as to thousands of eager fans the world over. He is soulful, colorful, and energetic.

He was a member of the highly acclaimed multiple award winning Mexican Folk group of Veracruz Mexico, 'Tlen Huicani' for ten years - named best folk group in Mexico by the union of music and theatre critics. With this professional group, Victor gave many concerts and performances in respected halls and theatres, including 20 events at the Sydney Opera House.

Victor is also a specialist in guitars of Latin America and percussion including conga, bongo, timbales and the maracas. He also tap dances, and his voice is powerful and passionate. Well known for his wide repertoire, charisma and artistic versatility, Valdes continues to promote Latin American culture through music and dance in Australia and around world.

Victor Valdes is a professional musician, singer and dancer. As a solo harpist he has given concerts from San Diego to New York, from Paris, France to Caracas, Venezuela, in fact in over 25 countries across 4 continents . For three years in a row he won 1st place in the National Folklore Dance Competition in Mexico City. He taught dance at the Sydney Dance Company for 4 years.

The Real Mexican Mariachis is the only original, traditional and professional Mexican Mariachis group in Australia made, operated and composed of real Mexican born musicians.

As Director of the group, Victor has created a fabulous unique show filled with tradition, choreography, color and wonderful sounds. From the beautiful crisp sounds of the harp, to the explosive rhythm of the rumba, their spectacular presentations have a great variety of numbers.

Victor is a master of the Mexican Jarocho Harp, and has given countless workshops on this beautiful instrument.

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