Saturday, September 02, 2006

Rock Unite Grand Finals


Malaysia – YOU have decided on your #1 Grand Finalist! THE BIG BAND has earned a place in The Grand Finals of ROCK UNITE™ on 16 September 2006.

Which band will now be YOUR choice of a second Grand Finalist?

The Semi-Finals II - live to your TV screen through ntv7 this Saturday, the 2nd of September, starting at 8.30 pm.

MISTAKEN IDENTITY is the evening’s first line-up. The band from Johor Baru, who was invited to a private royal audience with the Tengku Mahkota Johor upon their successful selection into the top 15 bands in ROCK UNITE™, will start the battle with “Veto”, an all time hit of Black Maria followed by their second song by Metal Asia “Kalifah Maya Alam”. Mistaken Identity features an extraordinary drummer – Ijan – the one-armed drummer. Having impressed Jerry Felix with his drumming right from the 1st audition at Istana Budaya, Ijan and his mates, Hood on 1st guitar, Ali on 2nd guitar and Aidil on bass will back up Ally on vocals.

SHARIN BAND, has had to earn their place in the semi-finals three times – first in Battle II where they lost out to Mistaken Identity; a second time in The People’s Choice where they lost out to The Big Band and then a final chance was given to them in The Judges’ Choice where they wowed the audience will their finale! Sharin Band will again perform one of their best originals “Sesat Dibumi Sendiri” with their second song “Enter The Sandman” a Metallica offering by this 3-piece rock band. Shahrin, the vocalist and lead guitarist, will be accompanied by Gmanz on bass and Man (of Flop Poppy) on drums.

DUKE, the resounding winner of Battle III, will come on next with the well known Eurythmics duo’s “Sweet Dreams” and “Breakdown”, a Duke original. Fronted by poster-boy Johan the vocalist, Duke comprises of Eugene and Rueben on guitars, Anoy on bass and Arul on drums. Having garnered a fan based following, Duke will promise another interesting raw performance for the evening.

AFTERBURN closes the competition with “Rock Is Dead” by Marilyn Manson and for the very first time in the competition, they will be performing their own original “Sin City”. Afterburn was the first semi-finalist band to be selected when they were voted the winner in Battle I. Steven, the vocalist with an attitude and a fondness for climbing up speakers, will come on stage with his partners-in-rock Adil on lead, Tim on bass, Silas on keyboards and Stephanie, the female drummer.

Voting for the bands will commence on Saturday 8.30 pm and will close on Monday 12 noon (SMS to 36558 : RU 1 for Mistaken Identity, RU 2 for Sharin Band, RU 3 for Duke or RU 4 for Afterburn. Or dial 13727 from TM fixed line).

Signing off the show will be this week’s guest artiste band MALITO – a band forged together in 1998 based on their undying passion for music and the fiery trials of live performances. Malito is currently working on their first album where their influence is classic rock.

Don’t miss this hard edged rock episode. 2 September 2006, Saturday, 8.30 pm, ntv7

Or be part of the live audience at Queen’s Park located at the corner of Jalan Peel and Jalan Shelley, Cheras (opposite Carrefour). Admission is free to this outdoor rock competition under the stars.

For an up close and personal experience with the four semi-finalist rock bands, tune in to ROCK UNITE™ Backstage on Sunday, 3 September 2006, at 2.30 pm over ntv7, Your Feel Good Channel.

ROCK UNITE™ Independent Bands Concert Series

5 pm, Queen’s Park, 2 September 2006

THE WOO HOO and SKUDAP-SKUDIP perform in this week’s ROCK UNITE™ Independent Bands Concert Series #4.

Indie band THE WOO HOO plays 60’s British R & B while SKUDAP-SKUDIP is known for their ska and pop punk music.

Show your support for the local indie scene. Admission is free.


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